How and Where to Buy a Mobile Phone Number to Use on WhatsApp Business in France?

A dedicated WhatsApp Business French mobile number allows for a professional customer interaction experience. It ensures customers receive immediate attention while providing businesses with the opportunity to automate responses, organize chats, and deliver a personalized service.
How and Where to Buy a Mobile Phone Number to Use on WhatsApp Business in France?
Written by
Lucas P
Published on
November 9, 2023

Embracing WhatsApp Business for Enhanced Customer Engagement

WhatsApp Business has become an indispensable tool for companies looking to foster strong customer relationships. In France's vibrant market, adopting this platform can significantly enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Key Benefits of a Dedicated WhatsApp Business Number

A dedicated WhatsApp Business number allows for a professional customer interaction experience. It ensures customers receive immediate attention while providing businesses with the opportunity to automate responses, organize chats, and deliver a personalized service.

Step 1: Identifying the Ideal Phone Number Type for Your Business

Deciding between a local landline, mobile, or toll-free number is critical. Each option offers distinct advantages that can align with your company's communication strategy and customer outreach.

Step 2: Choosing a Trustworthy Service Provider

When selecting a service provider, it's essential to consider their reputation, reliability, and compatibility with WhatsApp Business. Opt for providers that specialize in offering services for professional use.

Exploring Service Providers for Business Numbers

When searching for a phone number for WhatsApp Business, there are several service providers to consider. Each comes with its unique set of features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Tool 1: Twilio

Twilio is a cloud communications platform that offers phone numbers for business use.


  • Wide range of number types available, including local, mobile, and toll-free.
  • Numbers from Twilio are known for their high deliverability and reliability.
  • Offers a robust API for integration with other business tools and systems.


  • Twilio's pricing can be on the higher side, especially for small businesses or startups.
  • The platform can be complex and may require technical knowledge to navigate.

Tool 2: Vonage

Vonage is another prominent cloud communication provider that supplies phone numbers for various business needs.


  • Provides a user-friendly interface that is suitable for businesses without technical expertise.
  • Offers strong customer support to help with any issues or setup requirements.


  • Monthly fees can accumulate, making it less cost-effective for long-term use.
  • Some users report latency issues, which could affect communication quality.

Tool 3: RingCentral

RingCentral is a comprehensive communications solution offering voice, video, and messaging services.


  • Integrates with numerous business applications, streamlining communication processes.
  • Provides extensive features beyond phone numbers, including video conferencing and file sharing.


  • RingCentral's extensive feature set can be overwhelming for businesses that only need a simple phone number solution.
  • Higher-tier plans, which include more advanced features, can be expensive.

Tool 4: Avoxi

Avoxi specializes in providing global virtual numbers and is a popular choice for businesses operating internationally.


  • Offers numbers from over 170 countries, making it ideal for businesses with an international presence.
  • Comes with a suite of cloud communication features like call forwarding and IVR.


  • Limited integrations with other software compared to competitors.
  • Some users may find the call rates to be higher than other providers.

Tool 5: Local Telecom Operators

Local telecom operators in France also offer business phone numbers that can be used with WhatsApp Business.


  • Working with a local operator can provide easier access to customer service and support.
  • There may be potential cost savings when bundling with other services.


  • Local operators might not have the same range of features as specialized cloud communication platforms.
  • Flexibility can be limited, especially when scaling or expanding internationally.

Tool 6: Onoff App or Onoff Business

The onoff app is a unique service that offers cloud-based phone numbers through an app, providing flexibility and ease of use.


  • Ease of Use: The onoff app is user-friendly, allowing you to turn your business number "on" or "off" with ease directly from your smartphone.
  • Multiple Numbers: You can easily manage multiple numbers, keeping various aspects of your business "on" within a single device.
  • Flexibility: No long-term contracts, giving you the freedom to switch your number "on" or "off" according to your business needs.


  • Dependence on App: Your business number's "on" status is tied to the app's functionality, which can be a drawback if there are any app-specific issues or outages.
  • Limited Desktop Integration: Unlike some other VoIP services that are "on" across multiple platforms, onoff is primarily app-based, which may not suit all business operations.
  • Data Connection Dependent: The number's "on" status is reliant on your data connection, which could be problematic in areas with poor internet service.

Ensuring Compliance and Compatibility

Whichever tool you choose, it’s crucial to ensure that the number is compatible with WhatsApp Business and adheres to France’s telecommunication regulations.

Step 3: Registration and Verification Process

Registering with your chosen provider usually requires providing your business details. The verification process ensures that the number is uniquely associated with your business.

Step 4: Selecting Your Business Phone Number

Choose a number that reflects your business identity and is easy for customers to recognize and remember. A memorable number can be a valuable branding tool.

Step 5: Integrating Your Number with WhatsApp Business

Integrating your new phone number with WhatsApp Business is a straightforward process. Follow the app's setup instructions to ensure your number is correctly linked to your business account.

Step 6: Authenticating Your Number for WhatsApp Business Use

WhatsApp Business will prompt you to authenticate your new phone number through a verification code sent via SMS or phone call.

Step 7: Crafting a Compelling Business Profile

Create a WhatsApp Business profile that conveys your brand's image and values. Provide essential information such as your business name, address, and a brief description of your services.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance in France

It's vital to adhere to France's telecommunications regulations, including data protection laws, when registering for a new business number. Ensuring compliance avoids legal complications and fosters trust with your customers.

Understanding the Costs: Investment vs. Return

Investing in a WhatsApp Business number involves initial costs, but the potential returns through enhanced customer service and engagement can justify the expenditure.

Leveraging the Full Spectrum of WhatsApp Business Features

Maximize the use of WhatsApp Business by engaging with customers through automated messages, quick replies, and by providing updates and offers through the status feature.

Resolving Common Setup and Operational Challenges

If you encounter any issues, both your service provider and WhatsApp's support resources can offer guidance and solutions to resolve these challenges promptly.


Acquiring a phone number for WhatsApp Business in France is a strategic investment that can transform your customer interactions and drive business growth. By following the outlined steps and ensuring compliance with legal requirements, you can seamlessly integrate this powerful tool into your business's communication arsenal.

FAQs on Obtaining a WhatsApp Business Number in France

While possible, it is not recommended for maintaining professionalism and clear boundaries between personal and business communications.

Costs can vary based on the type of number and the service provider. It's important to research and compare prices to find the best fit for your budget.

Regularly review your account settings, enable two-step verification, and keep your registered phone number secure.

Install WhatsApp Business on the new device and follow the in-app instructions to verify your number and transfer your account.

The main limitation is adherence to WhatsApp's terms of service and ensuring that your number and the provider are compliant with WhatsApp's policies.

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